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Adiba Ndiwe is a 25-year-old visual artist and writer. She finds it entertaining to mock the white space gallery, and challenge elitism and exclusion within academia and art institutions through material galvanised by her own, raw experiences as a queer, mixed-race kid from a small, Welsh council estate. She relays her interest in intersectionality and juxtaposition; merging technical skill with doodles and serious sentiments on social and political issues with satirical humour, with the intention of sparking dialogue. 

“I make art for the estate kids, who due to systemic barriers might not ever know of their artistic potential” 


Heritage Project is an Arts Council funded collaboration with Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel (SSAP) and Cardiff National Museum. Creatively Directed by Adiba Ndiwe, the film explores the duality of culture and heritage and aims to unpolarise the relationships between Welsh and Black identity. The film features the artistic contributions of Welsh creatives Cara Walker, Gary G-Man Betts and Sean Suter, and was produced by RedBrck .

Heritage Project



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