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1 Apple a Day (A Monologue)

1 apple a day, eat a balanced diet, eat regularly so that you’re energised and don’t need to rely on caffeine, take your vitamins and minerals but also don’t because most are synthetic placebos, avoid processed foods and foods high in additives because your taste buds will become desensitised to what’s natural, teach your children how to cook so that they don’t end up eating pot noodle every day, stop meat, fish and dairy industries from funding their own scientific research to present to the healthcare board as evidence for recommending meat, fish and dairy, make it common knowledge how the economic supply and demand model contributes to mass food waste which could easily feed the poor, allow Africa to protect its natural resources without leaders of countries who do so being assassinated, drink plenty of fluids, remove the chemicals and microplastics from our water supply, keep active as perhaps corporate jobs were designed for you to sit behind a desk and gain weight so that you spend £30 a month for access to gym equipment that you wouldn’t require if your job promoted physical activity, exercise so that you sleep better, lower the cost of energy bills so that everyone can afford to stay warm at night, spend time in and respect nature, stop burning fossil fuels because breathing in pollution causes illness and disease like asthma and anxiety, plant more trees, recycle your plastics because they end up in the sea, extend your kindness to living creatures other than ourselves, reverse the impact of climate change, ensure our most basic survival needs aren’t profitable, remove hostile architecture, reform the emergency accommodation application process so that it doesn’t de-humanise and de-grade people and the housing system is broken, end revenge eviction, ensure that everyone has a home, lower the cost of mortgages and rent, prohibit rich people from hoarding properties and renting them out extortionately as Airbnbs, regulate rentals so 2-year-old babies don’t die from black mould, scrap guarantors because your parents renting a council house shouldn’t make you at risk for homelessness, get a job, reform government welfare because there’s too many people receiving Universal Credit who don’t need it and not enough financial support for people who do, reform the benefits system entirely because it’s actually better for the economy to keep you in it so you’re kept in your place, make it so politicians can’t use taxpayers money to fund their lifestyles and claim it as “expenses”, make it so jobs don’t discriminate in their application processes or when promoting people, make it so that companies don’t take advantage of immigrants and pay them £3.30 an hour, pay people more so that they’re not forced to live paycheck to paycheck, end fast fashion as it’s destroying our planet, boycott companies who operate sweatshops abroad, switch off from mainstream media because I will never understand why they hate asylum seekers so much, end modern day slave labour because the plot of “I am Slave” happened last week in Worthing, reverse the impacts of colonisation and award reparations, make people Google what the word “reparations” actually means, employ public sector workers with compassion and empathy, stop hospitals from employing overseas doctors just so they can get away with paying them less than if they were White-British, make GP receptionist pick up the damn phone, make it so nurses and doctors don’t neglect you until you have terminal breast cancer with 3-weeks left to live, eradicate cancer entirely, discover a cure for genital herpes and HIV the stigmatisation is real and you’re not damaged goods, make the social model common knowledge, change societies understanding of neurodivergence and learning disabilities so that psychiatrists don’t misdiagnose you and accidentally kill you by prescribing you anti-psychotics like that poor boy Oliver McGowan, stop the over medication of people because the 700+ UK based Pharmaceutical companies that make billions of pounds in profit on your need for pills, employ better budgeters as your taxes are paying for taxis to deliver paperwork from one hospital to another, make churches pay tax, stop people from using religion and other belief systems from dictating their own morality, abolish the monarchy, design a new system for rehabilitation, provide more mental health support and opportunities for the incarcerated, stop knife crime, stop the brutalisation of others and senseless murder, end war, make people realise how fucking corrupt the military is, stop arms dealing because the value of human life becomes a joke when you sell billions of pounds worth of weapons to the supposed enemy that you then invade for oil, overthrow the government, make more people aware how much influence the Rothschild’s have over the world, end elitist hierarchies, break traditions, find ways to break the cycle of generational trauma, don’t let parents drink or do drugs, make people understand that the 7-year old child removed by social services for being abused by his mother almost daily could grow up to be the 25-year old slumped on his sleeping bag outside Greggs after injecting gear into his groin, make more people realise that this person is just trying to survive and that he didn’t age much more than 7, make it pro-choice so 17-year old girls don’t fall apart every time they care for their child because their baby has the same eyes as their rapist, even better maroon all rapists and paedophiles on a desert island somewhere, make it commonplace for parents to plan having children, make parents realise that their children are not extensions of them, raise every child to have a secure attachment style, tell children that they’re loved and wanted, show your children what healthy relationships look like so that they can recognise it when they grow up, practice self-gentility and care, love your body as it will be your only consistent company for the whole of your life, recognise your own incomparable beauty and uniqueness, hold hands with your lover, fuck endlessly and with passion, fall deeply in love, become aware of different love languages, view your partner as an individual and not a possession, dismantle the myths around female sexuality, normalise girls expressing masculinity, normalise boys expressing femininity or just don’t force gender roles entirely, make consent matter, compromise, don’t compromise, set boundaries, show affection to your friends, make time for your friends because life is short and I promise you the pain and guilt you’re left with when they take their own life never really goes away, learn to trust others, find your people, find your passion, surround yourself with positive role models, go to therapy, practice communication, spend time in silence, be present, make mistakes and take risks, let go of resentment, practice forgiveness for your sake and not theirs, end death, learn that things must die as it’s the cycle of life, accept change, understand that transitions are difficult but necessary, be grateful, be playful, be creative, do what makes you happy, realise that happy people never are happy every day, learn to view others as opportunities rather than threats, encourage responsibility, encourage accountability, encourage the fucking human experience, break free from the matrix-


Sertraline 100mg tablets

One To Be Taken Once A Day

30 tablet

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