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Creative Mentor Network X Soho House Mentee

Heritage Project



Adiba Ndiwe is a 26-year-old Welsh/Nigerian artist, writer and advocate for arts accessibility. She finds it entertaining to mock the white space gallery and works with an intent to directly challenge the resounding colonial and elitist governance present in academia, art and the Institution. Her experiences growing up in a small council estate in South Wales have propagated her activist and thematic interests, often centring around race, sexuality, gender and class. In short, her artistic practice is best summarised as an exploration of intersectionality and preoccupation with juxtaposition, all through depictions of hedonism. She merges technical skill with doodles and serious sentiments on social and political issues with satirical humour, to spark dialogue.

“I make art for the estate kids, who due to systemic barriers might not ever know of their artistic potential” 

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